Weight has always been a major issue in my life. When I was young I was thin. After I graduated I got up to 160 and by the time I turned 32 I was up to 220. After that I lost a lot of weight and got down to around 115. Then my weight fluctuated up and down many times due to poor eating and dieting habits. I realized that I might have been at a healthy weight but was not in good shape. So my husband and I joined 365 fitness and I got Brooke as a trainer. I must say she pushed me to the limits at times but the end results are amazing. As of right now I have lost 1 inch on my waist and feel stronger than ever. I have more energy than I have ever had. I highly recommend Brooke as a trainer to anyone because she cares for the individual and puts them in a situation in which they can achieve a much healthier lifestyle. I really do know so much more about clean eating, and a proper diet, thanks to you, and I’m really loving the way I look and how I feel so much.
Shannon P. - Conway, Arkansas
My name is Shane I am 35 yrs old & I have struggled with my weight for most of my adult life. I have been a member of several gyms but never felt like I was getting the full potential or getting my moneys worth out of it. I would go everyday to the gym and do my cardio and work on a few of the machines and I would leave. I could never figure out why, I see all these people come in with major results but I was still pretty much looking the same and feeling like I would never be able to achieve the size or weight loss I was hoping for. In February of this year I went to the doctor and I was told I had to lose 55 lbs or I would be placed on blood pressure medication and High cholesterol that I would have to be on the rest of my life. So I joined one of the new up & coming supposedly 24 hours/cheap gyms new in the area. After 5 months I had the same results as before. But noticed they offered something I had always been interested in; trainers! But I noticed after being there a few months they are not very helpful or out going unless you were a female. It seemed as if they were not interested in helping anyone else out. Unfortunately I had never been shown how to really work out or have someone take the time to show me or tell me the things I should do to achieve the goals I was looking for. I had heard of 365 Fitness before but didn’t think I would be a good fit there because I wasn’t a meat head and as I stated before I don’t really know how to workout and that place seemed like a professional’s gym…BOY was I WRONG!! Thank God I had a co-worker named Tiffany that had been going to 365 for a few months and training with a lady named Brooke Walker who told me I should come train with her some day. Thank God I followed her advice. One Monday after work Tiffany told me she had already been talking about me to Brooke and I should come by and work out with her. I broke down and took the challenge. Thank God I did! Brooke has changed my life! Brooke was already working-out with Tiffany when I got there, so Brooke came up to the door and got me and told me to come on they had just started and I would just join in where they were in there work out. Wow what a workout! Once we finished our workout, Brooke asked me what my goals were and I explained everything that I have listed above and she told me it would not be a problem. Brooke was VERY VERY out going and told me that she would lay out a diet plan for me along with a workout program. I explained my reservations about all of this and the let downs I had in the past, Brooke told me not to worry and come back over the next couple of days and work out with her and see what I thought. I followed her directions and joined 365 Fitness and signed up with Brooke to be my trainer 3 days later. Brooke has to be the most positive person I know. She always is waiting on me with a smile. I have seen nothing but results since I have met her. I have lost more in a 1.5 months then I did in 3 months trying to do a work out on my own. There is nothing like feeling insecure and lack of confidence then to have a 5.5 blonde standing there with a big smile on her face asking if I’m ready to get my workout on. Brooke has played such a large role in my day to day life from my over all out look to the way I eat. Brooke has raised my confidence level about working out and in my over all life. Weather she knows it or not and or feels the same way she has become one my best friends and I look forward to seeing her on our visits, she can take a bad day and make you feel amazing and is one of the most inspiring people I have ever met.
Shane P. - Conway, Arkansas
I am 38 years old and I have 3 children and work a lot as most parents do and finding the time and motivation to go into the gym just didn’t seem to fit in anywhere. I decided after a few attempts at different gyms and working with a couple different trainers (that just didn’t seem to give me what I needed to stick with it) to join 365 fitness. I called and spoke with a manager to get the details on pricing, trainers, etc. and I was told that I could always go to the website and see the trainers and read about them for myself and then email them to set up an appointment if I wanted to. This is exactly what I did and when I read the background information on Brooke Walker I knew that I had to make that appointment. I emailed Brooke and told her that I would like to meet with her and I also wanted to discuss her working out with my 12-year-old son. To my surprise I got a response the next day (which was a major plus as I’m not a patient person and I have done this with other trainers and it takes several days to hear anything back) to set up a meeting. When I met Brooke for the first time I explained to her what I would like to change and she told me that she would be more than happy to help. I have worked out with her for almost a year now and not only does she motivate you but, she pushes you to achieve your goals. Most people join the gym at the beginning of the NEW YEAR and by March or April they have started slacking up or stopped going altogether and I am NO DIFFERENT and if it weren’t for Brooke I wouldn’t be writing this right now as I would probably not have hung in there either. She is truly an inspiration and a teacher. I really enjoy going to the gym because even if I don’t have any other friends going that particular night I always have my friend Brooke there waiting to greet me with a smile. Thanks to Brooke I have been able to stay motivated, learned more about eating properly and how to properly go about getting the body that I’m looking forward to and I have also learned that nothing great happens in 90 days. It’s something that you have to stick with and there is no better way to do that than with someone you can be comfortable with and enjoy being around so contact Brooke and get started today.
Tiffany R. - Conway, Arkansas

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